WOW, WOW, and WOW!!! You did an incredible job with this compressor. It definitely nails the Byrds/McGuinn sound perfectly. I tried some of my other guitars with it (Teles, Strats, Country Gent, Tennessean, Casino) and they all sound great through the JangleBox. This box is a winner, folks. — John Abiuso

I was sold on the sound clips alone. Into a clean amp, the JangleBox Bright setting is ideal for sparkling Strat tones. Bright is also the way to go with the Dano 12 for the Beatles, Byrds, Tom Petty, etc. Normal setting into a clean amp gets a good country chickin’ pickin’ sound. Dark gets into Orange Squeezer territory. My distorted sounds are louder and clearer. Chords ring out with all their overtones and harmonics, and single-note lines just sing. I love my JangleBox! I never want to turn it off. It’s like the prom queen, the girl next door, and a porn star rolled up in one! — C.J. Van Sickle

The JangleBox is just awesome… Finally after 20 frickin’ years I got the sound I’ve been searching for! Plugged in my Ric 360-12, cranked the pots near their max and out comes the Byrds. Now I just want to pick everything because the chime is so sweet. Very quiet box. Great job! — Gordon Armstrong

It’s been very gratifying to deal with a company that is this committed to their product, and to bending over backwards to satisfy the customer. Yes, you have a great pedal, but I think that the company’s integrity is equally as important. Please accept my best wishes for the future success of all your products! — Dave Nicholls

I’ve been a Byrds/Beatles/Who fan all my life and tried unsuccessfully for years to recreate that jangly 12-string Rickenbacker sound. I bought other compressors, but none of them were right; a couple of them sounded terrible, in fact. They squeezed, constricted and pinched my sound. Once I tried the Janglebox, I knew it was the best natural-sounding, transparent compressor on the market, and the solution to my quest for that “McGuinn” tone. It even makes my Les Paul Junior come to life.

Bob Cianci/The Burgundy Watch

Got home 6 pm. Plugged in my Jangle­Box. Played guitar. What seemed like 5 minutes later, noticed it is now 11 pm. What an awesome piece of kit. I previously used another unit, never quite achieving the desired result. The JangleBox is amazing. Gone also are feedback problems. Wish me luck, I may be gone some time... — Charlie Dryden

My preliminary run-through with a Tele and a 1964 Gretsch 6150 amp was very impressive. The JangleBox, as promised, adds loads of character and color without altering the basic tone. I like that I can dial in a lower gain or attack setting to make the effect more transparent, or conversely, crank the dials to deliver a beefy boost. The JangleBox will become a permanent fixture in my arsenal due to it’s natural sound and the sonic excitement it generates. Great product and service. — Andy Goldberg

I plugged it in thinking, “Okay another piece of gear, cool”… I thought it would be good, but not this good. My jaw dropped when I heard the tone coming out of my amp. The versatility of tonal shapes, build quality, and musicality of this product are top notch. This is one kick-ass compressor. Thanks for a great product!

Michael Neal • President/Mac Audiolab

Unbelievable complexity, crunch, and all around beautiful sonic mayhem. I play Strats, Teles, and a Les Paul or two, as well. All my guitars benefit from the JB — humbuckers or single coils, no matter. Frankly, it's just a remarkable box that inspires music of all types. It is really a shame that most people don't understand a compressor, or how much they are hearing it in recorded music without knowing it. If I could demo this thing to an Eskimo who played guitar, he would be an owner. — Rooster Ross

I received the JangleBox and just as I expected it was well worth the wait. I've been playing guitar for about 43 years, and your JangleBox is the most amazing piece of equipment that I've ever purchased. I couldn't be happier! If ever there was a “Roger McGuinn in a box” this is it! The tone of my 1968 Rick 360/12 is a dead ringer for all tones Byrds and Beatles. The box is great looking and extremely well crafted. From placing my order to receiving my JangleBox, dealing with your firm has been very pleasurable. Kudos to you all. — Phil Gaetano

The JangleBox is the single most remarkable piece of equipment in my home studio. I still can't believe the difference it makes! My guitars — Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Guild, Fenders (Strat & Tele) — have been transformed from bland tones to the beautifully bright and jangly chimes I have always wanted. The Carillon of Dayton doesn't chime that beautifully! The extraordinary JangleBox is a must have item. — Chapman Jones

I’ve just spent the last hour or two with a HUGE smile all over my face. I finally had a chance to plug in the Janglebox with the Rickenbacker 330-12. I can't stop smiling even now. Wow! You've managed to create (instantly, with the default settings you advise) the sound I still sometimes spend a while trying to get. What a pleasure to know I can just add your one beautiful box to my guitar and amp. Many thanks!

Tony Poole/The Falcons • Starry Eyed and Laughing


After just a few moments with the JangleBox plugged into my Roland amp on one side and my Martin D12-42RM on the other, I'm in HEAVEN! Thanks so much for giving me my idol's sound through my acoustic! It's breathtaking. — Geoff Tracy

After trying several compressor/sustainers, the JangleBox is absolutely perfect, unlike ALL of the other units I've used in the past. I now use it exclusively without any other effects since none are needed. The JangleBox is noiseless!! — Steven Strum

The word ‘awesome’ is bandied around a lot, but I can't think of another word to describe the sound... jangle to burn, and zing, zing, zing! This is an amazing device! In three words: “I love it!” — Howard ‘Aitch’ Bishop


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