The JangleBox JBX

A Long Process of Refinement—

This is Our Greatest Compressor Yet!

If you’re a guitar player who won’t compromise on tone and who demands pro-level compression, our JangleBox JBX will be your new, favorite pedal. The JBX will give you all the chime, sustain and brilliance that JangleBox compressors are known for, along with unrivaled tone-and-boost capabilities.

This pedal goes from the studio to the stage without missing a beat:

  Dual mono outputs

  Separate, full EQ on both sides of the unit

  Pre-set treble-boost switch

  J-Boost gain switch for on-the-fly soloing or tonal variation

  True bypass

  Further refinements include moving the EQ circuit post-compression for a quieter output, and eliminating microphonic switch noise.

In short, the advantages you’ll gain in power, flexibility and clarity will make this one pedal in your rig that you’ll never turn off. The JBX is a compression fan’s dream!

Dimensions: 5.625” x 4.625” x 1.56” (1432mm x 101.6mm x 40mm)

Power adapter: 9V, 100mA, 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel, pin-negative (not included).


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