JangleBox: Then and Now

When I developed the first JangleBox stompbox 14 years ago, my original goal was simple: as a guitar player, I wanted to create a pedal that captured the clean, bright ringing chime and sustain that was popularized by the Beatles, enhanced by the Byrds, and adopted by scores of other groups. I wanted to give guitarists the ability to replicate the distinctive analog sounds that gave brilliance and depth to so many of the great classic records I loved.

I believe in uncomplicated, intuitive pedals where you can dial in your tone and be playing in minutes, not something that requires a manual or hours of tweaking. And I want to build them right — top-grade components in an industrial-strength enclosure.

It's these fundamental principles that have guided the development of every JangleBox pedal since the beginning.

Fourteen years down the road and thousands of satisfied customers later, JangleBox pedals continue to draw raves from guitarists worldwide, throughout a wide variety of internet forums and in music industry publications everywhere. Guitar players are redefining JangleBox pedals for their own needs to create tones far past what I originally envisioned. I’m very grateful to all of our customers for spreading the word and lending their support.

We have many more sounds to explore. Thank you, and stay tuned!




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