Stewart Francke

"Yea, I've heard Stewart... he makes beautiful music."

— Bruce Springsteen


Singer, songwriter, guitarist Stewart Francke’s music is influenced in part by Marvin Gaye, in part by the Beach Boys, all framed with a Detroit sensibility. His most recent CD, The Very Best of Stewart Francke, includes “Summer Soldier” recorded with Springsteen.


A leukemia and bone marrow transplant survivor, Stewart has fused his music and cancer outreach, and was recognized by the Points Of Light Foundation in 2001 for his personal work in cancer patient support. The Stewart Francke Leukemia Foundation was presented the prestigious Partnership In Humanity Award by the Detroit Newspapers and he was named Volunteer of the Year by the National Marrow Donor Program in 2002. Stewart also was named as one of the Twilight Award winners in 2012 for his work in cancer care.


“The JB3 is the only permanent part of my chain, particularly when I'm cutting guitars straight into my computer. Plug-in compression can't even touch it. It of course famously gives you the "chiming" guitars reminiscent of the 60s, but I'm making music for today, and the JB3 perfectly illuminates the features of each and every guitar and lets them settle into a mix. A Tele sounds quite differentiated from a semi hollow body, and the characteristics of each guitar create a palette that lets you arrange them sonically. Without my JB3 it would be an anonymous wall of sound. I can't say enough good things about Janglebox, and the JB3 is their ultimate achievement.”


Stewart Francke’s Website

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