Peter Stroud

Peter gained acclaim as a guitarist with Pete Droge & the Sinners, then achieved worldwide recognition when he became Sheryl Crow's lead guitarist more than a decade ago. In addition to writing, recording and performing with Sheryl, he's also had stints with musical superstars including Stevie Nicks and Don Henley. Peter is also the co-founder of 65 Amps, the renowned and acclaimed amps of superstars everywhere. His musical expertise extends from performance to engineering.


“The JangleBox compresses hard with plenty of gain and the perfect amount of pick attack. It sounds like your best-recorded, super compressed guitar without any compression artifacts.”

— From The Road/Premier Guitar

“ ... A ‘must have’ with any 12-string electric. And if you're looking for that D.I. chimey guitar sound, make this box the first in the chain. I absolutely love it!!”

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