Pete Kennedy

Pete’s the kind of guitar player all guitarists wish they were: amazing chops, comfortable in virtually any style, and wildly inventive. For almost two decades he’s performed with his singer-writer-guitarist wife, Maura, as the “jangle pop” duo, the Kennedys. Add to that Pete’s terrific production skills, and you have a fine artist who’s earned admiration from fans, and “musician’s musician” recognition from other professionals.


“Roger McGuinn once told me that the classic Byrds jangle of the 60s was the sound that he achieved by pushing the limits of the expensive Universal Audio compressors and EQs in the Hollywood recording studios. He said it was a little weird touring in the 60s because there was no portable outboard gear that would get that sound. For those of us that love the Rickenbacker tone with the Technicolor dimension that Roger added, JangleBox is the holy grail. Most compressors kill the high end brilliance of the Rick, but this box enables you to preserve the chiming church bell-like sound that rings out on the classic recordings.”


Pete Kennedy’s Website

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