Nina Gerber

Known for playing with taste and just-the-right-note perfection, Nina Gerber's beautiful guitar style runs the gamut of folk, country, bluegrass, rock and blues. First earning acclaim accompanying the late Kate Wolf, Nina is now an in-demand performer, producer and arranger. She continues to provided elegant and exciting accompaniment for Karla Bonoff, and has performed or recorded with artists including Jackson Browne, Nanci Griffith, Greg Brown, Lucy Kaplansky, Dave Alvin, John Gorka, Cheryl Wheeler, Tom Paxton, and many others.


“I use the JangleBox JB2 to create a great sound that includes compression, sustain, delay and a bit of overdrive. Want your guitar to sound good? Get a JangleBox! At this point, I don't play without it!”

Nina Gerber’s Website

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