Les Fradkin

Les Fradkin is one of the pop legends of the 1970s. Selected over thousands of other hopefuls as 'George' for the original cast of "Beatlemania", Les played in thousands of performances worldwide. As a writer, producer, member of Edison Lighthouse and studio pro, he's developed a cult following that has avidly followed his career and made him a celebrity among guitar fans. You've heard his 12- and 6-string guitars, bass, mellotron, and piano playing on dozens of Top 40 hit records over the past 30 years.


“I arrived home today, signed for the package, immediately ripped it open and proceeded to have my mind blown. I have great recording and live performance plans for my JangleBox. It's already featured on my CD, Jangleholic. The JangleBox is the absolute last word in achieving the sound of the 60s.”


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