Henry Kaiser

Jazz, rock, experimental, improvisational... Henry Kaiser is one of those rare musicians who challenges himself and others to break through conventional genre-bound techniques. Widely known and admired as a brilliant and relentless innovator, his original compositions and collaborations cover a remarkable range and depth. Henry performs throughout the world both solo and in various groupings, and has appeared on more than 140 albums in his career.


“Of course the JangleBox is terrific for getting those magic 60s 12-string sounds. However, I'd like to note that it's also amazing for getting a particular family of 70s slide guitar tones. Think of Warner Brothers-era Ry Cooder, Lowell George with Little Feat, and Zoot Horn Rollo with Captain Beefheart. JangleBox, paired with a Strat, is the best stomp box that I have experienced for getting those sorts of sounds.”

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