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The guitarist responsible for some of the most recognizable hooks and licks of the 70s and 80s, Elliot Easton, lead guitarist of The Cars, has sold more than 30 million records worldwide. Elliot has performed and recorded with Hall and Oates, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Brian Wilson, among many others; created and supervised music for several films; and for the last ten years performed as lead guitarist for "Creedence Clearwater." The consummate guitarist, Elliot has been honored with four signature model guitars from Kramer, Gretsch, Gibson, and Martin.


“I recently added the fantastic JangleBox to my pedal-board. I’m playing some 12-string on the New Cars tour, so I knew I was going to need quality compression/treble boost to get ‘the sound’. The JangleBox runs very quietly with a minimum of noise and hum. This is very important to me in the show, as I use a 12-string on our lovely ballad ‘Drive’ and it wouldn’t do to have a noisy hum through that number! Also, I love the way my Telecaster sounds with this pedal! It makes pedal steel-type licks a breeze. I know that as time goes on I will find more and more uses for it. The JangleBox will be a permanent part of my kit from now on. I have a reputation for being pretty fussy about my tone, and I’m really sold on this pedal!”


Elliot Easton’s Tiki Gods

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