Don Butler

In his guise as Toneman, Don Butler repairs, modifies, and restores tube amps, guitars and effects pedals. Along with his more than 25 years of hands-on experience, Don’s professional affiliations include membership on the editorial board of “The Tonequest Report” magazine, co-sponsorship of “The Gretsch Pages” Web site, and a column on “The Rickenbacker Forum”. Don is also a professional musician, performing as lead guitarist for “Working Class Hero,” the renowned John Lennon tribute act that has toured the world over the past five years.


“The JangleBox–the ultimate guitar compressor! It’s done everything I need for my guitars. I like the fact that I can set the Attack low and Gain high and it doesn’t suck down the notes when I play. I use it for clean solos and for my Ric 660-12 & 360V64/12. The output level on my Ric’s isn’t as much as my Les Paul’s or my Gretsch Elliot Easton, so for a few years I’ve used the FatBoost to get those up to the same levels. However the JangleBox has surpassed my expectations. It’s really an incredible pedal and does everything it says it will do! The JangleBox also adds brilliance to the tone with a nice touch of shimmer to the top end. It works really well with both my Rickenbackers and Les Pauls. This type of unit has been long overdue in the market. Thanks again for a great pedal!”


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