Every week people call and ask us where they can purchase a JangleBox locally or through a favorite online music store. Here's why that store should be yours:

  EVERY electric 12-string guitar player and most every Tele player with at least a passing knowledge of compression wants to try out a JangleBox. Rickenbacker players go without saying, but that also goes for Strat, Gretsch, Les Paul, PRS, and Dano players, too. Your customers are waiting.

  JangleBox pedals are based on a solid foundation of sound innovation, customer expectation and real-world experience. Our simple, plug-in-and-play pedals are the tone tools that players want on their pedalboards.

  JangleBox pedals are hand made using top-grade components and enclosures, not in a sweat shop churning out cheap clones. If you own or manage a high-end music store, carrying JangleBox pedals adds further distinction to your commitment to selling quality music products.

  The praise we most consistently receive from customers is “This is the sound I've been waiting for! Why didn't someone think of this before?” Guitarists inquire about — and eagerly await — new products from us.

  Our niche market position and unique sound separate us from the scores of indistinguishable, here-today-gone-tomorrow compressor clones that gather dust on your shelves.

  For the past 10 years, industry leaders including Guitar Player, The ToneQuest Report, Vintage Guitar, UK Guitarist, Harmony Central reviewers and internet admirers around the world have praised our product performance, responsiveness to customers, personal attention, and commitment to quality.

  All JangleBox products combined have better than a 98% field success rate. We stand behind our award-winning pedals and replace any defective units for our dealers immediately.

  Become a JangleBox dealer, and we’ll add your company name and web link to our website to make it easy for JangleBox buyers to find you.

Our mission is to make the best guitar pedals we can, not the cheapest.  We offer our dealers the largest possible profit margins that allow us to stick to our mission. JangleBox products are the perfect fit for dealers who expect value for excellence — exactly what you’ll get with our pedals.

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