Dave Malone

One of New Orleans most popular and beloved rock & roll bands, The Radiators combine a wild mix of rock, R&B, funk, and country elements into dynamic live shows that routinely stretch past three hours. This aural gumbo, "Fish Head Music", has been honed and perfected through constant touring since they started in the late 70s. Always a highlight of the annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, The Radiators intense musicianship is a sublime combination of great chops and soulful delivery.


“If you're looking for a compressor pedal with tons of gain that ­really slams the front end of your amp, then the JangleBox is probably not for you.There are lots of those pedals available and they usually distort your tone. But, if you want a very QUIET, great sounding pedal that makes not only single lines but double stops and chords ring out sweetly without screwing up your sound, then the JangleBox is the best I've heard! We just finished recording a new album and I used it a LOT. All of my guitars — Strat, Tele, White Falcon, Teo mini-12, Jazzmaster, even my J-160E — all worked great with the JangleBox. You can’t go wrong with this pedal!”


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