Chris Traynor

Chris Traynor is a New York born studio musician who cut his teeth in the early 90's post-hardcore scene. As a founding member of Orange 9mm, he developed a unique style of guitar and bass in the studio. Chris has also been in Helmet and the multi-platinum Bush. Chris and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale have worked together on various projects. Chris has also worked with Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac, and producers Dave Stewart and Pharrell of N*E*R*D. He's done studio soundtrack work for television and with Blue Man Group, among many others.


“I have owned many compressors over the years; boutique, vintage and custom made. Somehow they have always managed to fall short of the sound I desired. The JB2 has changed all that. The JangleBox JB2 is the best and most versatile compressor available today. A big box for quick and easy manipulation of the sound, true bypass, and tone controls with a boost make it an unbelievable tool for the studio with a bullet proof design that I need for touring.

“I recently used the JB2 on a session with legendary producer Bob Rock on a session in Los Angeles. With the adjustable EQ and boost the JB2 sounds great regardless of what type of guitar I am playing; no matter if I'm using a '55 strat with original single coils, my Asher Electro Sonic with Mini Humbuckers, or my Collings I 35 with Lollar imperials, the JB2 gives me a beautiful and distinctive compression without compromising the integrity of my beloved guitars and amplifiers. In my opinion the JB2 is destined to become a classic, and a standard piece of gear in any serious players arsenal.”


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