Buddy Miller

Emmylou Harris calls Buddy “one of the best guitarists of all time.” Steve Earle says he’s “the best country singer working today.” His songs are covered by everyone from the Dixie Chicks to Brooks & Dunn. He’s produced albums by scores of artists, including duo collaborations with his wife, singer Julie Miller. The fact that this in-demand, multi-instrumentalist finds time to perform and record his own brilliant albums is further testament to his amazing talent and unique artistry.


“Among my collection are a couple of fussy single-coil guitars that don’t take to just any pedal. But I really love the sound I get with JangleBox. In fact, JangleBox seems to make everything sound better. I’ve used it live and for recording, with both the normal and bright settings, and once I’m dialed in, JangleBox gets the job done. I’ve been looking for this thing for a long time.”


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