Andrew Gold

Where does one start with the late, great Andrew Gold — musician, songwriter, producer, and sideman extraordinaire? Though initially best known for shaping the sound of many Linda Ronstadt hits, Andrew has also enjoyed his own chart-topping success with “Lonely Boy,” “Thank You For Being A Friend,” and “Never Let Her Slip Away.” Andrew was one of the first “important” JangleBox endorsers and we want to honor his memory by keeping his wonderful encouragement to us on our site.


“I’ve always been on the lookout for one unit that could give me that jingle-jangle sound of the Byrds, and the ultra compressed sound of, say, the Beatles ‘Nowhere Man’. As soon as I plugged into JangleBox I was simply astounded, not only to hear the great compression it has, but also because of its 3 EQ settings. (I especially love the bright setting). It’s amazingly quiet for a box that would normally hiss a lot, and it does this all without utilizing an obvious noise gate, which affects sustain. This thing has the EXACT sound I was looking for in one idiot-proof box. JangleBox is now at the top of my favorite gear list, and I doubt I’ll ever take it out of my set up, for live performance OR recording. It’s incredibly satisfying when someone gets it right, but JangleBox is so right it’s scary. GREAT JOB GUYS!”


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